Portland has such a vibrant art community, and we’ve chosen to showcase some of the local talent here, in Maine, through a rotating gallery in common spaces at The Francis. Each exhibit will either feature an artist or subject from Maine. Our second exhibition features two artists, Karolyn Greenstreet and Marci Spier with their project, Tides.


Tides presents the work of two local artists who explore the concept of time through abstract painting.  The show seeks to highlight both the complimentary and contrasting elements in their respective approaches to this genre and subject matter.


About The Artists

Karolyn Greenstreet has her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY.  She grew up outside of Boston and has also lived in Hawaii and now Portland.  Her work crosses various mediums including painting, photography, and mixed-media installation.  She is co-president of the Dooryard Arts Collective at 108 High Street.  Her email address is and website Inquiries welcome.


Marci Spier has a controlled messy approach to her work that is both raw and processed. She believes the studio is a place for great experimentation. Her paintings are a direct reflection of a strong urge to create a new context, beyond a common art historical meaning. She likes to think outside of the box, dissolve the traditional linear story lines and make work that evokes conversation less about how things are and more about how things should be. Acrylic and oil paint are her go-to mediums. Her studio is in Portland, Maine at the The Dooryard Collective and she is studying for her MFA at Lesley Art + Design in Cambridge, MA.