Community Building Art Project

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Community Building Art Project

We are excited to announce a collaboration with Indigo Arts Alliance on an art installation project across the street from The Francis. Indigo Arts Alliance is a Portland based non-profit that embodies a Black-led, multicultural approach to the rich intersections of citizenship, community-building and creativity.

We are launching a sister hotel at the site of the old Gulf station across the street from The Francis. While we wait to break ground, we figured why not use the space as something special for our local community.

So, along with Tandem Bakery, we’ve teamed up with Indigo Arts Alliance and three talented local artists, Daniel Minter, Ryan Adams and Titi de Baccarat, to “transform an old storefront into a place of contemplation, reflection, and outrage over the centuries of violence against Black bodies.”

For the month of July, we’ll be raising funds and awareness for the Indigo Arts Alliance and we are asking for your help! Please support this amazing organization and these amazing artists by making a donation to ensure IAA can continue to play a unique role in strengthening our multi-racial democracy through artistic expression. Make sure to earmark your gift for “754 Congress”.

About the Artists

Daniel Minter – Daniel is an American artist known for his work in the mediums of painting and assemblage. He is a visual storyteller and accomplished illustrator. Minter’s artwork reflects abiding themes of displacement and diaspora; ordinary/extraordinary blackness; spirituality in the Afro-Atlantic world; and the (re)creation of meanings of home.

Ryan Adams – Ryan is a painter and muralist from Portland, Maine. At the age of 10 after receiving his first copy of ‘Subway Art’, his life became consumed by bright colors and bending letter forms. His works are inspired by an obsession for letters, human emotions and insecurities conveyed through bold imagery and traditional tattoo flash.

Titi de Baccarat – Titi is an artist who possesses many facets: painter, sculptor, jeweler, clothing designer, and writer. Dedicated to justice in a hostile political context, he was forced to flee his country, Gabon, with only the wealth of his artistic ability. He works through his African identity and artistic expertise to contribute to the culture of Portland. 

About Indigo Arts Alliance

Indigo Arts Alliance (IAA) is a non-profit organization in Portland committed to amplifying the creative voices, vision and practice of artists of African descent.

Recognizing the need to develop and support artists across disciplines IAA was founded in 2018 by Marcia and Daniel Minter who have been working as artists and cultural advocates on a local and national level for decades. An integral part of their vision is to provide artists of African descent who reside in Maine access to a broader range of practicing Black artists.

Last year IAA opened a 4,000 square foot facility in East Bayside that functions as a multi-disciplinary arts studio for professional, mid-career and emerging artists to cultivate their artistic development. The Studio, which also serves as an educational space, facilitates collaboration, exploration and growth. IAA’s residency program for the studio was originally designed to be available to one to two artists at a time and give Maine based artists of African descent access to the space, basic power tools, general art supplies, a print making press, work surfaces, wifi, and more. More recently these residences have become virtual and include online conversations, panels, book festivals and more. These engagements can all be accessed through IAA’s website.

IAA also provides opportunities for artists to serve as both mentors and mentees and has a partnership with MECA which provides paid internships for students of color that will give them the opportunity to learn from professional artists who are residents at the IAA studio space.

From IAA’s website:

Indigo Arts Alliance embodies a Black-led, multiracial approach to the rich intersections of citizenship, community-building, and creativity. More than ever, our world needs people who can help us imagine more compassionate, generous, and welcoming human societies. Indigo does that work. It is a great gift to the Portland community, to the region, and to our nation!

Indigo Arts Alliance is rooted in two principles: 

  • Art is a key resource for healthy human communities. It should be cultivated and celebrated.
  • Artists play a unique role in strengthening our multiracial democracy. We need their vision and inspiration to help build a more humane, inclusive, and just world.

The impact of your donation is profound and will make a huge difference in helping IAA grow their artist residency, seminars, and celebrations of Creativity + Courage.
Indigo Arts Alliance is a nonprofit organization. Tax-deductible contributions to support their work, and this public arts project, may be made at or via the link below. Please note “754 Congress” on the memo line of the donation.

Featured image by Sean Alonzo Harris

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