Many people find themselves at Maine Medical Center at some of the darkest and scariest times of their lives.  A loved one is ill or injured, possibly even fighting for their life.  That’s stressful enough.  But for some families, an unexpected hospital stay comes with a host of other worries: where are they going to sleep tonight?  And how on earth are they going to pay for it?


That’s where Maine Medical Center comes in.  They believe that financial concerns should never keep a patient and their loved ones apart – and we believe that, too.


Located right across the street from Maine Medical Center’s main entrance, Brackett House offers affordable accommodations for both outpatients and inpatient families for just $25 a night.


We are partnering with Brackett House to make these stays as comfortable as possible for these families because they’ve already been through enough.  We are currently updating all of their rooms with new luxury hotel-quality mattresses.


To stay at Brackett House, volunteer or donate, please call (207) 662-2848 or email To donate to Brackett House, simple click here.